School bus comment leads to charges

Letter from LCHS Principal Jack Lykins to parents/guardians.

Letter from LCHS Principal Jack Lykins to parents/guardians.

School officials and School Resource Officer Tom Flannigan are investigating an incident on a Lewis County School bus this morning that has resulted in charges being filed against a high school student.

LCHS Principal Jack Lykins said the student made a comment while riding to school on a bus this morning.

That comment was taken seriously and reported to school officials when the bus arrived at the school building.

Lykins said the student was interviewed and the student’s parents were contacted along with Flannigan and other appropriate authorities.

He said appropriate actions were taken in response to the comment and charges were filed against the student. Lykins added that at no time was anyone in any danger.

He said all comments made by any student will be taken seriously and that all appropriate response measures will be taken in such matters.

The following is the content of the letter being sent home with LCHS students today:

Dear Parent/Guardian(s):

In an effort to keep an open line of communication with all stakeholders of Lewis County High School, and in light of recent events, I wanted to inform you of an event that occurred today.

We received a report at 7:15 am this morning that a student made some inappropriate comments on the bus. School administration acted promptly to investigate the claim and all board policies and procedures were followed.

Once the student arrived at school, the student was interviewed by school administration and law enforcement. After interviewing the student, school administration and law enforcement determined there was no serious threat.

During the investigation, the student did admit to making inappropriate comments.

The school administration and law enforcement met with the parents of the student.

All disciplinary measures were taken according to board policy and charges are being filed.

Providing a safe and secure learning environment is the top priority of the Lewis County School District and we take these incidents very seriously. Extensive security measures are in place to help us maintain a safe campus.

We are always looking for ways to improve the security of our students and staff.

As parents, you can help.

Please take this opportunity to speak to your child about the importance of school safety.

Written or verbal threats made via social media, email, or in person are always taken seriously. The frequency and severity of these threats is on the rise and we must make sure our students understand the seriousness of the statements they make.

While peer pressure is great at this age, we want to encourage students to feel comfortable reporting any information they may have that compromises their safety and the safety of others.

Working together we can maintain an environment where students are free to focus on learning.


Jack Lykins
Lewis County High School Principal

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