Central Elementary parking/student dropoff

Visitors and parents of students at Central Elementary will notice a change to traffic flow at the new facility when the doors open to students on Thursday.

Superintendent Jamie Weddington said the changes are an improvement over the former layout and the structure of the traffic flow has been created with the safety of students in mind.

Central Elementary Traffic Flow

All bus traffic will enter from Fairlane Drive/KY 59 in Vanceburg while all vehicular traffic will enter from KY 8/Clarksburg Road. All vehicles will exit to the same roadway from which they entered.

The parking lot and traffic lanes at the new facility are located in the footprint of the old school building with the only holdovers being the entrance and exit locations.

Parking has been expanded and dedicated bus lanes will be more efficient during the busy times in the mornings and afternoons.

Students will not need to walk among moving vehicles if they are riding to or from school in private autos. The drop-off is at the front door of the facility.

Because of some property tradeoffs in construction of the new facility, the doctor’s office/pharmacy located on KY 8 has increased the parking area at that facility.

“We urge parents and other who will be visiting Central Elementary not to park in that lot,” Weddington said. “There is no access between the properties.”

Weddington says parents and teachers will soon become accustomed to the new layout and added extra staff and law enforcement will be on-hand at the facility for the first several days to ensure things run smoothly.

Central Elementary Traffic Flow

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