Board of Ed accepts Forman’s resignation

Members of the Lewis County Board of Education met in a brief special session Monday evening and approved the single item on the agenda.
Board members voted to accept the resignation of J. Belinda Forman as superintendent effective June 30, 2016.
Board Chair Bryan McRoberts asked Forman if she had any comments prior to action being taken on the matter.
“I’d just like to say . . . how much I’ve appreciated your faith and confidence in me this year. How much I appreciate all the people that work for us, we have wonderful staff,” she said. “We have wonderful teachers and we have wonderful students.”
“We are a good school system and we can be much, much better,” she said.
“And we need a superintendent who has the endurance, the fortitude, and the energy to keep moving forward,” Forman said.
“I’m too tired,” she said. “I have too many other issues. Too many other things that I need to take care of.”

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