Storm damage information sought

Judge Executive Todd Ruckel is asking anyone who had damage of any type from the storms on March 1 to report the damage so it can be documented as he works to seek assistance in dealing with the destruction.
Ruckel said there are damage thresholds in qualifying for various types of assistance and low-interest loans in dealing with the wind, flood and water damage from the storm system that hit the region.
“We need anyone who experienced any type of damage, no matter how small, to let us know so we can compile the data and apply for assistance,” Ruckel said.
He declared an emergency in the county the same day the storms struck and Gov. Matt Bevin proclaimed a statewide emergency the following day.
Ruckel said the area hardest hit by wind is in the Burtonville area but damage has been reported across the county as a result of water runoff, wind, heavy rain, hail and flooding.
“We need everyone to call us and give some preliminary information about the damage they experienced,” he said.
The damage report could include roof, driveway, road, drainage, timber, outbuilding, home or other damage from the storms passing through the area on March 1.
He is asking for those having damage to call Lewis County Emergency Management at 606-796-3464 or his office at 606-796-2722.
Callers should be prepared with basic information concerning the damage when calling and will be asked for contact information, the address/location of the damage, a brief description of the damage, and an estimate (if available) of the cost to repair the damage.
“We need this information as soon as possible so we can include it in our requests for assistance and in meeting the damage thresholds that would make us eligible for assistance,” Ruckel said.
“Even if your property and damage has already been surveyed by the National Weather Service, Red Cross, or other agency, we need you to call us so we may include all damage in our files,” he added.

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