Primary election plan highlights

 There are four (4) ways to vote in the upcoming primary:

  • Absentee by mail
  • Hand-delivery of absentee ballot
  • Vote early in-person (by appointment with county clerk)
  • Vote on election day in-person (appointment with county clerk recommended)

The state will mail each registered voter a postcard with this information.

The state will establish a secure online portal for the request of an absentee ballot by a registered voter, which will require the voter to prove identity with personally identifiable information. Voters may also use traditional methods to request an absentee ballot. Expanding the ease of obtaining a mail-in ballot will increase voter convenience and help county clerks keep polling lines manageable.

The state will use envelope barcodes to track absentee ballots requested, sent, and received.

County clerks will match the signature on an absentee ballot envelope to the voter’s signature of record. Voters whose signatures do not match will be provided an opportunity to cure the mismatch.

In order to more expeditiously clean up its voter rolls, the state will proactively contact registered voters who have moved out-of-state in an effort to obtain permission to remove them from the rolls.

Please visit the State Board of Election’s website to verify that your voter registration information is correct (name, address, party, etc.) before requesting a ballot.

Voter Registration Deadline:   May, 26, 2020
Primary Election Date:             June 23, 2020


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