Plans released for LCHS commencement, parade

Letter to Class of 2020. See below for PDF.

Lewis County High School Principal Jack Lykins has released plans for commencement and other activities for students completing their senior year at LCHS.

Lykins released a letter this morning (Friday) that was sent to LCHS seniors which outlines graduation options as well as plans for a parade to honor seniors.

The plans allow for a graduation ceremony with restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lykins had polled class members for their preferences given the restrictions in place concerning gatherings and groups.

“After more than a month of planning, we have developed a plan for graduation and some other possible activities to honor the LCHS Class of 2020,” Lykins said.

“Working with the school board, the judge-executive, sheriff’s office, the mayor of Vanceburg, Vanceburg City Police, and the local health department we are releasing the plan to seniors and their parents via mail and email,” he added.

“We appreciate the patience of the community and especially the members of our senior class and their parents as we worked to provide the Class of 2020 the best graduation experience possible under the circumstances,” Lykins stated.

“We would like to thank the local officials, including those with the health department who have been instrumental in helping with their guidance and assistance,” Lykins said.

“All of us at Lewis County High School are very proud of each member of the graduating class of 2020 and we wish them great success in their future plans,” he added.

Here is the text of Lykins’ letter to seniors:

Dear 2020 LCHS Senior,
Congratulations on an achievement that you will remember for the rest of your life. High school graduation is an accomplishment that should be celebrated and recognized for each individual. We know that this is a unique year and that this graduating class has had a year unlike any other. We are committed to providing each member of the graduating class of 2020 with that celebration and recognition; however, this year the ceremony will look a little different due to the unique circumstances we face. The faculty and staff at Lewis County High School, in conjunction with the Lewis County Board of Education, will be offering graduating seniors the choice of 3 options for graduation. You will be asked to select an option that you feel most comfortable with. Once you have selected your choice and returned a copy of this letter to me, the school will begin finalizing the format and details for each ceremony.
Seniors please print your name by the option you select
Option 1._______________________________
I do not want to participate in a graduation ceremony of any kind and would rather pick my diploma up at the high school on one of these dates. If this option is chosen, please call the school prior to coming to insure that I am in the office.
Option 2.________________________________
I want to have a graduation ceremony in the auditorium with the principal, superintendent, and 8 family members present only. Date and times to be determined with no overlap between graduates.
Option 3. ________________________________
I want to participate in a full class graduation ceremony on the football field with classmates and 2 tickets provided by the school that I will distribute. The ceremony will be on Thursday, June 25 at 8:00 pm on the high school football field. Alternate rain out dates will be Friday, June 26 or Saturday, June 27 at 8:00 pm on the high school football field. Specific guidelines will be created and shared, based on the number of participants.
Once you have selected an option, please scan or take a picture of this letter with your circled choice and email to me by June 8. Upon receiving your diploma, you are considered a graduate of Lewis County High School and cannot participate in another graduation ceremony at LCHS.
Please share this information with your family members as you make your decision. Thank You.
Jack Lykins
Email Address:

Possible Senior week activities

June 19 senior awards 8:00 pm LCHS football field
June 22 senior breakfast drive through at LCHS
June 23 baseball and softball senior night LCHS
June 24 seniors return to elementary schools morning and senior service 8:00 pm
June 25 graduation 8:00 pm LCHS football field
June 26 graduation 8:00 pm LCHS football field (if rain on June 25)
June 27 senior parade 9:00 am weather permitting and graduation 8:00 pm LCHS football field (if rain June 25 and 26)

Please adhered to all guidelines and recommendations set forth by the Lewis County Health Department. Such as the wearing of masks, gloves, and maintaining social distancing.

More details to follow


Click HERE for a printable PDF of the letter.

Proposed seating arrangement for graduation ceremony at LCHS Football Field.

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