Lewis County Schools will follow Beshear’s recommendation

Lewis County Schools Superintendent Jamie Weddington said the local district will be following the recommendation of Gov. Andy Beshear and will remain closed until at least May 1.

Weddington said Gov. Beshear held a conference call earlier today with school superintendents across the state and made the recommendation during that call.

The governor is expected to talk more about this in his daily news conference at 5:00 p.m.

This is the text of a letter Superintendent Weddington released concerning the move:

Dear Lewis County students, parents, guardians, and community members,

Earlier today Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear recommended that all Kentucky schools stay closed until May 1. Lewis County Schools will follow Governor Beshear’s recommendation and remain closed through Friday, May  1.  Students will tentatively return to school on May 4.

April 20 through May 1 will be NTI days 21-30. We continue to ask that those be submitted to the teacher and principal electronically when possible. Information on NTI packets (#21-#30) will be distributed in the next two weeks.

The meal delivery program developed by Lewis County Schools will continue next week on a Tuesday-Thursday schedule.  We ask that if any family member is sick that you do not come to the bus stop to participate in the meal service. You may call the school to arrange an alternate pick up method.  We appreciate the patience and support of all of the families we are trying to reach and serve. Please be aware that this meal delivery service may be changed or modified on a very short notice as this health event develops. Families should plan accordingly.

Parents or guardians who are not receiving information via our One Call phone messaging system should call their student’s school and request to be added to the distribution list. If you are receiving the One Call phone messages, please answer the call and listen to the entire message.

More information on the coronavirus is available at:

–         Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Website: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/

–          The Cabinet for Health and Family Services Coronavirus Website: https://chfs.ky.gov/agencies/dph/pages/covid19.aspx

–          State of Kentucky informational website: www.kycovid19.ky.gov

–         State of Kentucky COVID19 hotline: 1-800-722-5725

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at 606-796-2811.

Again, Lewis County Schools appreciates your patience and support during this unprecedented health event.


Jamie Weddington


Lewis County Schools


Fax 606-796-3081

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