Lewis County recycling program returns

The Lewis County Recycling Center will be restoring service beginning Monday at a reduced capacity.

Judge Executive Todd Ruckel said the facility will begin taking recyclables on a limited basis and only at the facility.

The Lewis County Recycling Center is located next to the animal shelter at 199 County Drive off Clarksburg Road just west of Vanceburg.

Current hours at the facility are 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Ruckel said the center is operating on a limited basis with restrictions on detention center inmates concerning COVID-19.

“We typically have inmates to assist in collecting and sorting recyclable materials,” Ruckel said. “Because of COVID-19, the inmates are not permitted to leave the detention center.”

Ruckel says trailers are set up at the facility and residents are asked to sort and separate recyclable materials and then place them in the appropriate trailer at the recycling facility.

The variety of items is also limited. (See Below for Details)

“I want to express my appreciation for our residents who make the effort to recycle any items they can,” Ruckel said.

“Las year, Lewis County residents recycled more than 180,000 pounds of materials that otherwise would have been disposed of in the landfill.”

For more information, call the recycling office at 606-796-0624.

The Lewis County Recycling Program will return Monday.

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