Judge Ruckel proclaims Day of Prayer

Day of Prayer Proclamation

Judge Executive Todd Ruckel has proclaimed Friday, March 20, as a Day of Prayer in Lewis County.

Ruckel said he invites everyone to join with him in their homes, or wherever they are this Friday to pray for God’s favor and blessing.

He is also inviting church ministers to join him for a special prayer event on Friday.

“I am asking for prayers for God’s protection of our citizens, especially those most susceptible to this serious health threat,” Ruckel said in making the proclamation.

“I am asking for prayers for all of us adversely affected as a result of the spread of this deadly strain of coronavirus,” he added.

“We must never cease praying,” Ruckel said. “We must pray for strength, we must pray for our leaders, and we must pray for healing. We must pray for our families, our community, and our nation.”

Ruckel says when we fear the unknown, turning to God is always a good response.

“We know that God listens to our prayers and we know that He answers our prayers,” Ruckel said.

He asks ministers of Lewis County churches to contact his office to confirm if they will be able to participate in a special prayer event at 2:00 p.m. on Friday.

“We need to know how many can participate to work out the logistics and will provide details and answer any questions when they call,” Ruckel said.

The event will not be public and will adhere to safety recommendations concerning gatherings, Ruckel said.

The event will be broadcast on WKKS Radio and Facebook Live for The Lewis County Herald.

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