John Denham releases Lewis County photo book

John Denham has released a book of photos from around Lewis County.

Lewis County native John Denham has released a photo book featuring scenes from across Lewis County.

The 56-page book was begun a couple of years ago when John Denham’s dad, Harvey Denham, had an idea about promoting Lewis County.

“It was related to the Ohio River Recreation Trail,” John Denham said of the original notion.

“I guess the idea was for these tourists to pick up the book as a souvenir, which could help promote more tourism, which would help the local economy, and maybe entice other businesses to Lewis County,” John Denham said.

“The original idea was simply a way to market Lewis County,” he added.

John is a 1989 graduate of Lewis County High School. “I think I picked up my first camera when I was a freshman,” he said. “That was the year the (Lewis County) middle school first opened. OK, I am feeling old now.”

The book, simply titled Lewis County, Kentucky, features full color and black-and-white photos from across the county. Subjects include plants, wildlife, the river, churches, scenery, and landmarks.

The book is dedicated to John Denham’s “family, to all my friends, to all the wonderful residents, and to anyone who has enjoyed its hospitality.”

“I hope I was somewhat successful in my dad’s goal of the book, in evoking that interest, that could draw people to Lewis County,” John Denham said.

“I hope people are just happy looking at pictures showing the beauty of Lewis County,” he adds.

Copies of the book ($25) are available from Harvey Denham and at The Lewis County Herald office.

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