Fire destroys Vanceburg home

The home of Craig and Etta Faye Carroll was destroyed by fire late Thursday. The cause of the fire is thought to be from an electric generator. Power was off at the time of the fire.

Fire destroyed a home just west of Vanceburg Thursday night leaving the family with nothing but the clothes they were wearing.

Firefighters were sent to the home of Craig and Etta Faye Carroll on Ethan Lane, just off Hazel Branch Road shortly before midnight Thursday when a neighbor reported the fire to E-911 dispatchers.

Lewis County Emergency Management Director George Sparks said there was an electric outage in the area at the time of the fire. He said Craig Carroll had reportedly placed an emergency electric generator into service to power the home.

Sparks said the fire apparently started in the vicinity of the generator at the back of the house and spread to engulf the whole house in a short time.

The home and all contents were destroyed in the fire but the Carrolls, their two grandsons, and three foster children were able to evacuate the home without injury.

Volunteer firefighters from Lewis County, Vanceburg, Black Oak, and Garrison departments responded to the call along with crews from Portsmouth Ambulance, Vanceburg Police, and Lewis County Sheriff’s Deputies.

Firefighters remained on the scene until about 5:00 a.m. Friday.

Craig and Etta Faye Carroll with two of their grandsons.

A family member provided clothing sizes for the family:

There are two little boys, they wear same size which is
Size 10 slim pants boys
Medium boy shirts
Size 5 kids shoes

The other little boy is a
XL 14/16 boys
Size 6.5 kids shoes

The high school boy is
34-30 jeans
XL shirts
10 1/2 men’s shoes

The other child is a college kid
29×30 jeans
Small men’s shirt
10 1/2 men’s shoes

Etta is a 14 women’s jeans
XL shirt women
Size 9 shoes

Craig wears
38-36 jeans
2X shirts
12 shoes

A GoFundMe account has also been established.
Organized by Kalyn Taylor

This is the story posted on the GoFundMe page:

In the early morning of April 10th, Craig and Etta’s home caught fire. They lost everything besides the clothes they fell asleep in. Most of you know, but for those who may not, Craig and Etta have 3 foster children and 2 grandsons that live with them. So not only have they lost everything, so have all the kids.

If you have had the blessing of knowing them, you’ll know that they are some of the sweetest, caring, and selfless people you will ever meet. Etta is constantly helping someone else out even though she always has a full plate herself.

If you have anything to spare, please consider donating to this amazing family. Every dime donated will go straight to Etta and Craig so that they can get essential items for themselves and all the children in their home. If you can’t donate right now, please consider sharing this post for us.

Thank you ❤️

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