Enforcement of Vanceburg’s ATV ordinance set to begin

Enforcement of a recently enacted Vanceburg ordinance that regulates golf carts and ATVs on city streets will go into effect Sunday (3/1/20).

The new law, passed in October 2019, became effective on publication in The Lewis County Herald at that time but there was a grace period before will be enforced.

Vanceburg Police Chief Joe Billman says preparing for the enforcement of the law, and having stickers printed, took some time.

“People with golf carts and ATVs have had ample time to be prepared before we begin writing tickets for non-compliance,” Billman said.

Violators may be fined up to $100.

The annual permits run from March to March and require for the vehicle to be inspected. The vehicles must also be insured.
Billman said enforcement of the ordinance will begin on March 1, and urges those with golf carts and ATVs to become familiar with the ordinance if they plan to operate those vehicles inside the city limits.

Billman said operation of these types of vehicles on state roadways is not covered by this ordinance and stresses operation on railroad property is prohibited.

“The grace period has allowed time for ATV and golf cart owners to insure those vehicles and make sure they meet the requirements of the ordinance,” he said. “We’re ready to begin enforcement and those owners should also be ready.”

He adds that those operating in a dangerous manner or breaking other laws will be cited for those infractions at any time.

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