County officials asking for cooperation to curb COVID-19 spread

Lewis County Judge Executive Todd Ruckel said he met with local officials Friday afternoon to discuss the implementation of some measures aimed at slowing the spread of COVID-19 while still allowing citizens to conduct business in those offices.
“We are wanting to limit the number of people coming into our offices to those with necessary business,” Ruckel said, adding that he is also asking that only the person(s) necessary to conduct the business come into the offices.
“We want to be able to remain open through this situation to serve the citizens of Lewis County,” Ruckel said. “We want to keep our workers well and we don’t want to quicken the spread of this coronavirus.”
Ruckel said workers in all county offices are following recommendations to sanitize surfaces in all areas frequently and added that with available technology, much of the business could be conducted online or over the telephone.
“We are asking that you call the office before coming in to see if your matter could be taken care of online or on the phone,” he said.
County Clerk Glenda Himes said vehicle renewals and vehicle taxes may be completed online at She said payments may also be mailed to her office or made on the telephone.
Himes adds that if the message to “See PVA” appears on a renewal, it can be handled on the phone.
Circuit Court Clerk Teresa Callahan said drivers license testing has been suspended until further notice.
Judge Executive 606-796-2722
PVA 606-796-2622
County Clerk 606-796-3062
Circuit Court Clerk 606-796-3053
Sheriff 606-796-2912
County Attorney 606-796-3201
Emergency Management 606-796-3464

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