Child care building on the auction block

The building housing Lewis County Child Care is slated to be sold at public auction.

The facility housing Lewis County Child Care is slated to be sold at public auction on January 17.

The building and property are owned by the City of Vanceburg.

Tammy Adkins and Becky Stevenson, operators of the child care center, say they were notified of the sale through a letter dated December 11 from City Attorney Lloyd E. Spear.

“Mayor Blankenship has asked that I write to inform you that the Day Care real property and building will be sold at auction January 17, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.,” Spear wrote in the letter.

The letter to child care center operators from City Attorney Lloyd Spear.

“He and the Realtor will need to have access to the building next Wednesday, December 18, 2019, at 5:00 p.m. to take photographs for the advertising. Pleas [sic] call the Mayor at 796-3044 or me at 796-3873 if you have any questions or if the18th inspection and photographing is not possible,” the letter states.

“It’s with much sadness that as of January 17th, the Lewis County Child Care will no longer be open,” Adkins said.
“The mayor and council see us more of a burden than a necessity,” she added.

Council has met in closed sessions for the stated purpose of discussing the possible sale of real property. That property had not been identified prior to those closed sessions although the future of the facility had been brought up at prior council meetings.
“It breaks our hearts for the many parents that try so hard to stay out of the system,” Adkins said.

Vanceburg City Council will be meeting in regular session at 5:30 today (Monday, 1/6/2020).

Several area residents are expected to attend in response to the city’s plan to sell that property.

Another property, located at 299 Second Street, that housed St. Claire Home Care/Hospice, is also listed to be sold at the same auction to be held at 5:00 p.m. on January 17 at city council chambers on Second Street in Vanceburg.

The council meeting this evening will also be in the city building on Second Street in Vanceburg.

Adkins and Stevenson posted a message concerning the imminent closing of the facility:
“We love and will surely miss all our babies past and present. And appreciate all our loving parents, grandparents and single parents. And thank you for giving us this opportunity to take care of all your babies. Some have grown up so much… for going to college to entering high school . Birth to grade school . It has truly been a blessing for us in the last 20 yrs…. and the 20 yrs before we were there…love you all.”

The auction listing appears in this week’s edition of The Lewis County Herald and may be found at:

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